Connectors/Drop Tee Junctions

Connectors and Drop Tees | Reducers

– C1: 300 X 300 CONNECTOR

– C2: 225 X 225 CONNECTOR

Connectors with centre register are available and are utilised mainly with the riser pipe for drop tees and reducer connections

Drop tees are utilised for making property connections or higher than main invert connections to the riser, saving on excavations costs or having to utilising “Jump ups”. Up to two connections are allowed into the riser.

DT3: 300 x 150

DT4: 225 X 225

DT5: 225 X 150

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The male end is suited to fit the internal dia of maintenance shafts or the bell end of pipes

R1: 400/300

R2: 300/225

R3: 225/200

R4: 200/150

R5: 150/100

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