Caps and Plugs


– POC3: 225mm Push on Cap

– LC1: 300mm Locking Cap, air tight

– LC2: 225mm Locking Cap, air tight


Plugs to fit RRJs maintenance shafts

– PIP1: 300mm Push in Plug

– PIP2: 225mm Push in Plug

– PIP3: 150mm Push in Plug


Plugs for RRJs Axedo Chambers

– PIP4: Axedo 150 mm Push in Plug

– PIP5: Axedo 225mm Push in Plug



400mm diametre x 300mm shroud

Note: the shroud is not intended to fit inside the cover.

– PVCS1: PVC Shroud

*In field example depicting shroud allowing clear access to riser.

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