Installation Instructions

SMS 300 PP Sewer Maintenance Shaft (MS)

1. Place bedding material to grade as sewer trench
2. Place SMS MS in position
3. Connect sewer pipe by rubber ring joint.
4. Place push-in plugs in inlets not required and place a bag of dry premix concrete behind plug.
5. Place and compact fine support material as for sewer trench to 100 mm minimum cover to SMS unit
6. Place witness mark on uPVC shaft 30mm less than shaft socket depth. Insert shaft pipe into shaft socket up to witness mark (provision for future consolidation and settlement of shaft backfill material and prevents load transmission to body of maintenance shaft and sewer line)
7. Complete backfill around shaft as specified or directed for sewer trench
8. Cut shaft 200 mm to 300 mm below finished surface, and install uPVC push-on cap
9. Place 450 dia. polyethylene shroud, hardwood or equ. support and install cover and frame to finished surface.

Contact SMS for Water Authorities special installation requirements.

Cover Installation Instruction