SMS Maintenance Shaft


Sms Maintenance Shaft

  • Complies fully with AS/ NZS 4999 (Int.) PVC-U Maintenance Shafts
  • Appraised by Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA PA 02/08) and recommended for use by its members and associates Click Here to View
  • No infiltration and is resistant to most chemicals
  • Compatible with modern remote inspection CCTV ,root cutting and cleaning systems from above ground
  • Strong, lightweight and impact resistant
  • Fast and easy to install by pipelayers without additional equipment
  • Polypropylene base with choice of in-line (180°) or triple entry ( 2 x 45° and 1 x 180° ) branches with rubber ring joint ( RRJ ) sockets
  • Suitable for VC, PVC, Rib Lok or polyethylene sewer pipes
  • Fit for purpose’ for up to 6 metres deep
  • Life expectancy in excess of 50 years


SMS Polypropylene maintenance shafts and chambers provide a low cost and safe alternative to traditional concrete manholes in sewerage and drainage systems.

The range utilises RRJ sockets, with custom angled shafts assembled on the day of order with no fabrication required. SMS also stock a full range of maintenance shaft and chamber accessories including: access covers, caps bend, junction drop tees etc.